We are putting a new twist on making you satisfied with
high quality, reasonable price and touching service.
Coovely is developing in meeting more designers and
manufacturers. And its efforts are being continued and
I believe we will be better with our team and customers
of Coovely.


Director. Rachel
She was a MD and Service Manager for
a Large Department Store.

She had met hundreds of customers and tried for
finding out much better products.
At present she is meeting a lot of manufacturers
and designers everyday.
That’s why she is the best driver of our team.

Developer. Hwan
He is so versatile- walking encyclopedia, a doctor
of all kinds of things: Exercise, photography, computers,
electronic devices, and even cooking nowadays.

He's such a so-called MacGyver of our team.
One thing that's very strange these days...
He often presses ALT+TAB when someone passes by..


 Delivery. Aiden

Aiden who loves sightseeing is trying to travel abroad
every three months.It is said that going
all over the world is his dream and goal.
If there is an opportunity, your products would be
shipped directly by Aiden.

Coovely is a styling salon trying to make you and your children more stylish and lovely.


We, already a hot issue among foreign moms dwelling in Korea for its incomparable quality and adorable design, have launched this website thanks to continued patronage of our company. 


There's always something amazing to discover, from cool and lovely clothing to cute accessories. We hope to offer a wide variety of cute, classy and new products at reasonable prices to the world. 


You and your adorable children will be absolutely attracted by our all
products because they are made in Korea by high quality fabric that people around the world recognize.
(Some products with pure Korea materials might be made in the third country where factory is.)

All our products have gone through strict procedures so all have KC, Korea certification which examines whether products for kids are made of harmless materials or not. Actually if items did not receive a KC number, they never could be get qualified to be sold in Korea.


Thank you for shopping with us and for your continuous love and support.


We hope your family is always full of happiness and love and look forward To welcoming you as one of our customers.